Elevator Pitch – Trinity Heights

PitchGet this! Three lifelong friends in their thirties decide to get pregnant from the same sperm donor.

What is it? A television comedy-drama. The three “lifelong female friends” (Chelle, Moira, and Tracy) are in their mid-30s and pretty much giving up on getting married. But, they still want children. So, why not, right? It’s 201_! They can raise kids on their own, or with each other’s help, and can use a sperm bank to find fathers.

Then, they have another idea: they all three choose the same donor! After all, the three of them had already worked out all the kinks in their own personality differences, and by narrowing down the genetic influence on their kids’ personalities, it would make it easier to raise their common family. They’d seal their friendship, and the kids would all be half-siblings … a win-win!

Or is it?



PILOTAll The Single Ladies. The three friends are struggling with their mid-30s crisis as single women dealing with loudly ticking biological clocks. They decide to have kids and help each other raise them. As they browse the profiles of sperm donors, one guy stands out for all of them, and they decide to have all their kids by the same guy.

This episode sets up the dynamic between their personalities. Chelle is the flighty, artsy type. Moira is a teacher with a dark, sarcastic side. Tracy is the straight-laced conservative of the group. (Ethnic dynamics can be determined by casting.)

1 – Commitment. The main characters’ families and friends accuse them of not finding husbands because they have commitment issues. Throughout the episode, the three prove their ability to commit by committing to each other.

This episode develop the secondary characters and sets up the external dynamics the three have to face.

2 – The Race. Although they all get inseminated the same day, their pregnancies are advancing at different rates. The three get into a contest about whose kids will be born first.

3 – The Birth. The three begin by discussing how their cycles synced up during their long friendship, and how they’ve lost that connection while pregnant. Over the course of the episode, they revisit their race from the last episode. But, once Moira goes into labor, the other two are triggered into theirs, regaining their connection. All three babies are delivered the same night.

4 – Breastfeeding. The three decide, after some debate, to breastfeed in public. They find themselves constantly imposed upon by activists “supporting” their right against non-existent protesters. Moira initially sides with the activists, while Tracy dismisses them as exploitative liberal reactionaries. Chelle finally joins the other two friends in just doing what they originally committed to do without concerning themselves with the politics of it.

5 – The Triple Goddess. Chelle’s Wiccan friend, Righteous Spirit Mulaney, becomes obsessed with their common family and how it represents the pagan Triple Goddess. Moira buys into the narrative, which Tracy adamantly resists. After a conflict that threatens their commitment to each other, they are reunited by reminding themselves that the Divine Feminine has been a central part of all religions.

6 – Is This Polygamy? The three are confronted by Moira’s feminist mom, who accuses them of essentially engaging in patriarchal polygamy without the husband. Tracy starts to have feeling of monogamous guilt, which Chelle entertains through her feeling that she should have found a husband of her own. Moira saves the day by convincing the other two that, in 201_ and by any measure of true gender liberation, marriage and childbearing are separate issues.

7 – Rise of the Exes. The three’s most recent exes show up to offer to help them raise their kids. Together, the resist the temptation and reconfirm their commitment to each other.

8 – The Man We Never Met : Part I. The three begin comparing the common characteristics of their kids, as they approach the first birthday. They begin to imagine how their own interpersonal dynamic will be passed on to their babies. This brings up all the conflicts they’ve had over the years, and how they resolved them. In the end, they start noting how the babies are are like each other, from The Donor’s input, leading into Part II.

9 – The Man We Never Met : Part II. As the three friends piece together the looks and personality of The Donor, they each start to experience weird feelings of affection for him. Jealousies erupt as they beginning speculating who he would have made a better husband. They finally decide that they got the best of him in their kids, and leave it at that.

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