Music Monday – Three Worlds of Winter

JNL-bardguitarNow that we (in the northern hemisphere) are finally saying goodbye to winter, I thought it would be a good time to share a winter-themed mash-up.

You probably know most artists in this mash-up: Vivaldi, Maxi Priest, Neil Young, and Journey. Vivaldi provides the “Winter,” while the other three provide songs with “world” somewhere in the title. I was originally inspired by how the chord progression  in “Winter,” “A Wild World,” and “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” matched up.

I was listening to Vivaldi in the car and singing Maxi Priest and Journey over it; the mash-up just grew from there.

But, the core riff (and a few other bits and pieces) are from a song called “Stereo” by one of the most under-rated bands out there, 4th Avenue Jones. I bought their CD HipRockSoul because I had also written a song called “Stereo” and wanted to see what this other song was all about. It was one of the best musical discoveries of my life.

After you check out the mash-up below, go check out 4th Avenue Jones.

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