Second chapter of Xenes available for patrons at Patreon

I am serializing several novel projects at Patreon, starting with a few free chapters to let readers and potential patrons know what I’m about. My latest offering, patrons only, is from Xenes, a science fiction adventure set centuries after the humans’ first attempt to colonize nearby space had failed. In the aftermath, humans and their genetically engineered “types” have broken into multiple antagonistic factions that have been kept in an uneasy peace by androgyne somatypes.

But now, recluse Sandalfon Kaffel, androgyne diplomatic officer Vani Matoyan, and the mysterious girl Meyna Jeyen find themselves in an unexpected battle that destroys Sandalfon’s new home planet and corners them between the politically zealous Threaders, strictly religious Bahrí, and philosophical Smoke Hatters.

Xenes was originally serialized at Fresh Pulp scifi magazine, but now has new content as I firm it up for publication as a novel.

This offering is for patrons. If you’d like to support my Patreon page, check out “Pax Androgyna,” available now!

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