Elevator Pitches


I started the Elevator Pitch series to cleanse my mental palate of the thousand and one ideas that crowd their way into my consciousness every day. A few of them seem cool enough to share, and I’ll share them here!

I’m here to make ideas reality. If you like something you see here, let me know!


Television Shows

Ocean City – A guy with Asperger’s and a charming socialite meet in college… and decide to start a detective agency.

Night Sheriff – A vampire rides into a frontier town, looking for blood. What he gets is a tin star.

RATLINE – In the final days of World War II, a five-member team hunts down Nazis sneaking to South America.

Trinity Heights – Three lifelong friends in their thirties decide to get pregnant from the same sperm donor.

Tres Detectives – Three detectives are run out of their hometowns in the 1920s, and are forced to work together in a new city.

Gilligan’s Island – A gender-swapped reboot of the classic comedy.

Jetsons-Flintstones reboots – To align better with today’s interests, how about The Flintlocks and The Netsons?


Cougar and The Boss – John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen remake each other’s classics.


RePlay – A premium channel mixing nostalgia with today’s buzz : ReCycle, ReBoot, Remake!


Baltimore, MD – An awful pitch for a TV show based on a joke about the screenwriter’s hometown becomes a winner after she learns to love her hometown.

Antiques Roadshow meets Ghostbusters” (working title: Vintage Spirits)

Golem – A monster from Jewish legend, made of clay and brought to life with an ancient ritual, fights the Nazi war machine.

The Jungle Book – A human boy is raised by urban were-wolves in this paranormal adaptation of Kipling’s classic anthology.


Two Simple Steps to Better Open-World Games – Better use of space and better writers could revolutionize gaming.

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