Narrative Role Playing

Narrative Role Playing is an attempt to elevate the unique essence of role-playing games (RPGs) above its board gaming and simulation gaming roots. To distill out the narrative core of RPGs. To bring role-playing closer to storytelling, closer to the emotional draw we find in novels, the stage, and the screen.

The designers of NRP believe that RPGs arose from the human instinct to tell stories, an instinct that goes back to the oral traditions of myth played out around stone age campfires. Although they certainly knew the role storytelling played in elevating RPGs about miniature wargaming, early designers, even the sainted Gary Gygax himself, may not have fully understood the revolution they were kicking off. Storytelling wants its place in our lives, as the internet-driven deluge of self-published novels demonstrates.

RPGs are an attempt by that storytelling instinct to find its way into our play time. NRP is an organized effort to facilitate that instinct, to bring RPGs more closely into alignment with an ancient, instinctive narrative tradition that we now see played out in television, theaters, and bookstores.


Although NRP is ultimately intended as an all-purpose system adaptable to any conceivable game setting (the NRP term for milieu or game world), the rules outlined herein will focus on an ENLIGHTENMENT (the NRP term for a certain tech level) setting, specifically the Age of Sail. The Rum Dark Sea: ocean-going travel, global exploration, early gunpowder weapons, the birth of science, pirates, merchants, revolutions, mysterious creatures, and subtle magical forces.

This is due to the predilections of the designers. However, future installments will include guidance on game setting from the STONE AGE to the SPACE AGE, and settings with epic magic, psychic abilities, and superhero powers. And, narrators and players should feel free to adapt the general rules to their own game settings.


(All unlinked entries are to come soon. Some entries may be password protected during development.)

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