The following is a list of generally science-oriented posts, for easier reference:

A proposal for the naming and reference of extrasolar planets – Enough with the confusing letter-by-discovery method

Rough guide to SI units for sci-fi writers – How many megameters from here to Jupiter?

Let’s rename that seventh planet – Pull your head out of Uranus already

No funny thing happened on the way to the plural – Why are there no languages with zero grammatical number?

Timeline of the last twenty thousand years – A convenient graphic to give you some perspective on how things are progressing

Bad science, bad sci-fi, and why Voyager is not “leaving the solar system” – Seriously, the solar system is much larger than you’ve been led to believe

You won’t believe these inspiring photos of a real alien landscape – Our little brother is quite a place to see!

Inventing fictional aliens – A brief guide for writers

Working historical anomalies into your sci-fi – The 1178 Moon incident

Ancient trail reaches back to the Ice Age – Slippery when glaciated!

Science-oriented poetry:

The Conjunction

Science-oriented Odd Thoughts:

Odd Thought on Androids
Odd Thought on Art Criticism (You just have to click it to see the science connection.)
Odd Thought on Astrophysics
Odd Thought on Archaeological Physics
Odd Thought on Camouflage
Odd Thought on Catchphrases (You just have to click it to see the science connection.)
Odd Thought on Cognitive Biases
Odd Thought on Crocodilians
Odd Thought on Elementary Particles
Odd Thought on Endangered Species
Odd Thought on Evolution
Odd Thought on Forensics
Odd Thought on Historical Invasions
Odd Thought on Insect Noir
Odd Thought on Inventions
Odd Thought on Marsupials
Odd Thought on Multilingualism
Odd Thought on Pachydermological Chemistry : The Periodic Table of the Elephants
Odd Thought on Portmanteaus (It could also have been called “on Sea Life” or “on Subphyla”)
Odd Thought on Prehistoric Technology
Odd Thought on Sea Life
Odd Thought on the Stone Age

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