General Fiction

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All the Seas and Rivers – A genre-busting adventure following three heroes:

Marshal Finister is a hard-boiled detective whose best friend is an exiled ninja, and whose last case was a pirate who murdered a steamship captain.
A wandering gunfighter tries to start a life in a dusty trail town, only to have his new home attacked by desert assassins.
When a train is derailed, a hobo monk survives to avenge the passengers upon the genre-crossing villains responsible.

High and Hard

High & Hard – High Fantasy meets Hard Fantasy – Currently being reserialized on its own website.

An account of the War of the Cornerstone, drawn from the archives of human and dverganfolk but based primarily on the narrative of the elf-hunter, Marshal Summ Voight of the markholds of Daumiand. A literary exploration of the boundaries of historical fiction and fantasy.


The Ends of the World

A spiritual fantasy about a young, over-educated, under-employed professional from modern America who finds himself in a purgatory of pirates and sailing ships, where there is no aging and no disease. Only violence can send one off into the combined Heaven-and-Hell of our final reward. Yet, to the skeptical mind of John Randolph, the rules of the afterlife prove to have nagging inconsistencies. What’s really going on?

The Observer’s Casebook [trilogy] Hardboiled Age-of-Sail fantasy

Samples only.

Pirates of the Caribbean [notional trilogy] Plot and character sketches




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