3 – True Colours


Pirates of the Caribbean: True Colours



OPENING IMAGE: Jack Sparrow is lying on his back on the beach, near the edge of the trees, surrounded by coconut husks, fish bones, crab shells, i.e., the remains of many meals scrounged from the tiny island where he and Gibbs were marooned in the last episode. The sun is low in the sky, nearing sunset. Gibbs is sitting beside him, trying to weave grasses to hold Jack’s hat together, but it’s not working. He finally tilts his head in surrender, shrugs, and sets the floppy hat on Jack’s chest.

Jack (weakly): “Hungry.”

Gibbs: “The fish are all gone.”

Jack: “Thirsty.”

Gibbs: “The coconuts are also all gone.”

Jack: “And the…”

Gibbs: “There wasn’t any rum when we got here.” [SETTING, again playing on fan expectations with a twist on the classic POTC phrase]

Jack: “Oh, yes. Mrs. Turner saw to that during my last visit. I guess this is it, then. It’s been a pleasure sailing with you, Mr. Gibbs.”

Gibbs (producing his signature teddy bear): “And an honor, Cap’n Sparrow.” He closes his eyes.

Jack stares into the sky as the sun sets, stars appearing here and there in the deepening blue. He mutters to himself, “Mrs. Turner … I suppose I’ll be shaking hands with your husband soon enough.”

There’s some shuffling nearby, and a figure moves into view, obscuring the stars: Will Turner. [CAMEO] Jack sits up suddenly, notes The Flying Dutchman anchored offshore and sees that Will is standing in a bucket of seawater much as Davy Jones did in At World’s End. Two of Captain Turner’s crew stand to either side of the bucket.

Will: “Barbossa sends his regards.”

Jack (getting up on his elbows): “I guess we’ll be on our way, then.”

Will: “I am here on business, Jack, but not that business.”

Remember this?

Captain Turner warns Jack that Halcyone is the real danger, not Baldassaro, as she would destroy the world in her anguish and rage. As captain of the ship that ferries souls to the Other World, Will can sense that she is a threat to millions of lives. Just as Davy Jones was corrupted by romantic betrayal by Calypso, Halcyone was twisted by the murder of her lover Ceyx.

Turner then reveals that the Crown of Neptune was the one Jack was wearing on Isla de Muerta when he was recaptured by N0rrington in Curse of the Black Pearl; a gem on the front is what binds the old god and commands his rage in the White Whale.

Will: “It was pirated from a church on Malta long ago, freeing Neptune’s spirit for a time. It was then that Calypso rose to become the new spirit of the sea.”

Jack: “How do you know these things?”

Will: “As it turns out, dead men do tell tales. It’s pretty much all they do, in fact.”

Jack: “Ah! So, where is the Crown now?”

Will: “Cardinal Baldassaro regained the Crown from the British Navy, after they had taken it from you. The rumor is that he removed the gem and keeps it on his person.”

Jack (absent-mindedly playing with an oyster shell from the debris around him): “That was a ruby on the Crown, if I remember.” He looks wistful. “And I do remember.” [CHARACTER] Regaining his senses. “The only gem I’ve seen on the Cardinal is a pearl on his cassock.” He looks interestedly at the oyster shell, then discards it.

Will: “Jack, to defeat Bonny, you’ll have to dull her vengeance. That’s what drives her. You have to get Neptune and the Church out of the picture, take the wind from her sails, and to do that—

Jack: “I have to get the gem.”

Will: “The old gods are long overdue to cross over. Calypso has come willingly, but Halcyone and Neptune have yet to come. For his part, Neptune is longing to be free of this world. If you regain the gem, you can free him, remove Baldassaro, and send Halcyone on her way.”

Jack: “Everything interesting in this world is crossing over. There should be something worth seeing left behind, mate.”

The Dutchman‘s sailors grab iron rings on the sides of the bucket, lifting their captain. As they carry him off, Will says: “Oh, there will be. There’s always mystery left. But, you have to watch for it. For now, you should just watch the horizon.”

Jack: “For a sail?”

Will: “For smoke.”

Jack (disappointed): “Another signal fire?”

Will just smiles as his crewman carry him back to a waiting boat, to return to his ship.

As the Dutchman submerges and the sun rises, Jack spots a column of smoke on the horizon. A ship without masts approaches, a thick column of black fume rising from a pipe amidships. We see it is Bill Thicke, commanding a ship powered by a steam pump similar to the one he worked on in the mine near Boston in Cat o’ Nine Tails. When he comes ashore, he explains to a puzzled Gibbs that the steam pump makes them “free of that witch’s power over the winds.” [This evokes the THEME of freedom]

When Jack tells Bill and Mary that he seeks Baldassaro to retrieve the Crown’s gem and make them free of the White Whale as well, Mary guesses the Cardinal will be in Port au Prince, because that is Captain Jules’ home.



RISE TO PLOT POINT: At Port au Prince, Jack dresses as a priest to get close to Baldassaro, who is staying in a villa that also serves as barracks for his marines. Jack is confronted by Captain Jules instead, and the two cross swords. During the duel, Jack questions his motives, noting that Jules was once a pirate himself under Blackbeard.

Jules (swinging, ducking) : “I joined that brute Blackbeard only to escape slavery.”

Sparrow (maneuvering, jabbing): “Out of the frying pan…”

Jules (standing back): “And, once I saw his black heart, I left him for Haiti.”

Sparrow (leaping, thrusting) : “And then you joined up with Baldassaro to relive a little of Blackbeard’s cruelty then?”

Jules (parrying, rolling) : “I joined up with a Cardinal because a man has to have purpose in his life.” [a hint at the redeemable CHARACTER of Jules, who had existed merely as a henchman up to now.]

Sparrow (blocking, spinning): “Purpose in your life, while others lose theirs?”

Jules: “Are you not here to make Baldassaro a corpse?”

Sparrow: “No, in fact. I’m here to make him a deal. I can turn Anne’s crew against her, and thus put an end to her vendetta.”

Jules (intrigued, standing down): “And what would you ask in return?”

Sparrow: “Only the Pearl.”

Jules (suddenly suspicious): “And why would you want the Cardinal’s gemstone?”

Sparrow: “The Black Pearl, mate. My ship, which Bonny stole from me.”

Jules: “Ah! Yes…”

Sparrow (clearly scheming): “You thought I meant the pearl on the Cardinal’s chest? A trinket, I’m sure. A sea bauble, and not my style.” He gestures toward his clothing, realizes sheepishly that he’s still wearing the priest costume. “Now, if he had a real gemstone, say … a ruby?”

Jules (defensive): “Baldassaro is a man of God. Unlike a godless pirate, he has no love of treasure!”

Baldassaro walks in, accompanied by French marines. In the double-take that follows, Jack doffs the priestly robes and leaps to a window.

Sparrow: “So, Captain, we have an accord?”

Baldassaro (to his marines): “After him!”

Jack (quickly gesturing to Jules and Baldassaro as the marines sprint across the room): “Talk it over.” He leaps out the window onto a canvas awning far below, which folds and collapses. As he recovers and runs down the street, the marines are hesitant to follow. They turn and race for the door instead.

Jules: “He agreed to help us defeat Bonny!”

Baldassaro: “You savage! He’s a pirate! It’s a ruse!” He grabs one of the marines before the man can chase after Jack: “Run to the dock, order the men to burn every ship in the harbor and set sail.” [CHARACTER]

Jules: “Your Eminence?!”

Baldassaro: “If Jack Sparrow is here, that witch is here! I’ll bring Port au Prince down around her ears before I allow her to escape this time.” He rubs the pearl on his cassock and glares coldly at Jules. “Get to your ship, Captain.”

CUT: Jack skirts past the unaware marines at the dock and tells Bill and Mary that he didn’t get the gem but thinks they have a deal with Jules. He’s vague about what that deal is, but Bill and Mary clearly think it means some mutiny against Baldassaro. Bill starts up his steam pump and, as the French marines scurry around the port, his ship is spared because they think it’s already on fire from all the smoke.

As they pull away from the port, Jack and company see all of Baldassaro’s ships depart as well. Suddenly the earth trembles around Port au Prince, collapsing every building in sight. Bill’s ship easily outruns the sailing ships, and we also see Captain Jules glaring ruefully across the water at the Cardinal on another ship. [CHARACTER + PLOT foreshadowing]



FUN AND GAMES. This time, the “fun and games” are all about PLOT twists and shifts in loyalty.

As night falls around Baldassaro’s fleet, Captain Jules orders his ship to quietly break off. Once out of sight, he hauls down Baldassaro’s red-and-blue Parisian flag, turning it on its side (which appears like what we now know as the Haitian flag). His men, mostly Haitian former pirates, cheer as it rises.

CUT: Captain Jules finds Anne Bonny’s fleet, and raises a black flag of parley. He comes aboard to confer with Anne and her lieutenants, Angelica Teach and Rachel Wall. Jules tells her that he abandoned Baldassaro because of his cruelty, and that he knows the secret to his control over the White Whale.

Anne Bonny concept from orig by Nacho Molina
Anne Bonny concept
from orig by Nacho Molina

Anne: “The Crown.”

Jules: “No, no crown. A gemstone from that crown. When he retrieved it from the British, he prized away the ruby that holds the old god’s power, and he placed into the mouth of an oyster until it was covered over with pearl. He wears it over his heart at all times, and commands Neptune’s rage with it.”

Rachel: “That’s it? We must have seen that pearl a hundred times!”

Jules: “Another thing. Sparrow tried to make a deal with me to betray you to the Cardinal.”

Rachel (pleasantly surprised): “Jack lives?”

Anne (suddenly angry): “What?! I left him on that spit of land to die!”

Angelica (in shock): “How…”

Rachel (stifling her amusement): “Well … he is Captain Jack Sparrow.” [CHARACTER, and a bit of PLOT foreshadowing]

Anne glares at Rachel then barks at Angelica: “This time, no marooning. No island. Jack Sparrow dies.” Both Rachel and Angelica are visibly dismayed at this death sentence.


CUT: Jack, Bill, and Mary chugging toward Cape Horn. Bill is unimpressed with how his ship (which he still has not named) performed in Port au Prince, so he wants to steam it around the world to work out the kinks.

Jack: “The wind is blowing just fine, mate. If we go ashore, cut some masts, find some good, old-fashioned canvas…”

Bill: “You won’t be such a purist for the wind when we have to confront your ex-wife.”

Jack: “Let’s at least name her.”

Bill: “Anne?”

Gibbs: “He means the ship. Bad luck to be sailing— or whatever we’re doing, on a ship with no name.”

Bill (waving them off): “There’s no point in romanticizing it. It’s just a mechanism, a collection of gears and pulleys, a tool to help us defeat Bonny and Baldassaro.”

Mary (sternly to Jack): “Just steer us along, Captain.” Then, after Bill has stomped away below, with a wink: “And, call her whatever you like.”


POTC-CatsTailCUT: At night, mirroring Captain Jules’s defection from Baldassaro, Rachel Wall stealthily breaks off from Anne’s fleet. Once out of sight, she lowers Anne’s generic Jolly Roger and raises a black flag with a blue cat on it. Her crew prepare to cheer with a “hip, hip” from one of her crew, but she fiercely hushes them, saying: “The less noise on the wind, the better.”


CUT: Jack steers Bill’s ship (which we now see has Coal Bucket painted crudely on the side) into the stark and rocky Malvinas-Falklands [SETTING & TO GIVE VIEWERS ANOTHER MODERN REFERENCE] to repair the steam pump. They pull into a vacant British port, which looks hastily abandoned, to search for scrap metal. (Based on the real naval station, decommissioned in 1774)

Bill: “Looks like the British just left. Probably to put down the rebels in America.”

Jack (blinking as light snow lands on his face): “As if they’d need a reason. Who’d want this cold, wet piece of nowhere, anyway?”

Mary (arm around Bill): “I don’t know, it has a sort of rough-and-tumble charm.” Jack briefly flashes an envious look at their romance. [CHARACTER, and PLOT foreshadowing]


CUT: While Bill works on the pump with Gibbs’s help, the Cat’s Tail pulls into the harbor. Jack sees the ship while he and Mary search abandoned crates for supplies, i.e., rum. He calls the crew of the Coal Bucket to arms, but Mary notes that Wall’s flag has changed. As Jack and company greet Wall at the dock, she is clearly happy to see Jack.

Jack (offering his hand as she descends a rather steep gangplank) : “Captain Wall.”

Rachel (taking his hand): “Captain Sparrow. You’re a hard man to be rid of.”

Jack: “I can be a hard man, depending on who’s doing the ridding. And … where.” He becomes confused at his own clumsy attempt at innuendo.

Captain Wall (charmed by Jack’s flirtations) confirms, based on what Jules told Bonny, that Cardinal Baldassaro wears the Crown’s gem on his cassock, and that it’s a ruby covered in pearl. They debate confronting Baldassaro directly, but Bill insists that his ship isn’t ready. Rachel warns him that Anne is right behind her, and will be closing on them fast. The chase is on!



RISE TO MIDPOINT. A montage of an enraged Baldassaro using the White Whale to crush ships as he hunts for Anne Bonny. As revealed by his crew’s protests, he is simply assuming all ships are pirates, and calls for them all to be killed “for the glory of the Holy Church!” Having been confronted by Jack and betrayed by Jules, he has gone berserk.


POTC_AngelicaCUT: Meanwhile, Angelica and Jules have dinner aboard her ship, discussing her father Blackbeard, whom they both admire for his leadership but agree was a cruel man. The conversation turns to Angelica’s lagging feelings of grievance toward Jack and how both of them now fear Anne’s rage.

Here, in her repentance and forgiveness of Jack, Angelica becomes a mirror CHARACTER in contrast to Anne Bonny, who cannot forgive. The point is clearly made that a vendetta is emotional slavery, from which one needs to be free. [THEME] Also, a sense of romantic chemistry between Jules and Angelica becomes apparent.


CUT: In a mirror scene, as the Coal Bucket and Cat’s Tail cross the Pacific, Jack Sparrow and Rachel Wall have dinner on the deck of her ship, under the stars, discussing his looming sense that the world is closing in around him.

Rachel Wall concept from original by Ogilvie
Rachel Wall concept
from original by Ogilvie

Jack: “All the mystery of the sea, all the romance, it’s being shackled by rules, and order, and …” A loud clank is heard from Bill’s ship. “And steam.”

Rachel (easing a morsel of food slowly into her mouth): “A little steam never hurt anyone.”

Jack (not catching her flirtation): “Actually, it burns quite a— Oh! Yes…”

Rachel: “And, having been married to the winds, driven before her every whim, wouldn’t you prefer something like what Bill has?

Jack: “What does Bill have, then?”

Rachel (to an ever-more intrigued Jack): “A ship that responds to his handiwork, that heats up when he stokes her, gives him a push exactly when and where he needs it. She frees him by working with him instead of against him.” She grins over a sip of rum. “Well, sometimes against him.”

Here, Rachel becomes the mirror CHARACTER to Anne Bonny, offering Jack a new form of freedom of the type Bill described (in Cat o’ Nine Tails) in regard to his commitment to Mary. At the end of the scene, close-up on Jack’s fully repaired hat, with blue cross-stitching from Rachel’s signature pirate outfit.


CUT: Anne’s fleet catch sight of the Cat’s Tail and Coal Bucket heading toward, as her crew calls it, “Terra Incognita.” Anne tells Jules and Angelica that they’ll flank the mutineers and wait for Baldassaro to catch up.


CUT: Jack, Rachel, Bill, and Mary anchor off Australia, coming ashore to resupply. Gibbs is clearly amused by the koalas (who resemble his teddy bear) but dismayed by the “giant deer-rabbits” jumping around. [SETTING]

While Jack and company are collecting coconuts, Baldassaro’s fleet arrives from the north, catching the pirates by surprise. As the French ships close on the ships at anchor, the wind begins to pick up mysteriously; Mary guesses that Bonny must be nearby.

The heroes clamber aboard their ships as Bonny’s fleet races in from the south. Jack insists they must reach the Cardinal before Bonny does, and he steers the Coal Bucket directly at Baldassaro’s flagship. Bonny tries in vain to blow him off course, but Bill’s steam engine presses on despite her.

Jack leaps aboard Baldassaro’s ship and begins fighting his way to the Cardinal through the marines. Bonny orders Jules to kill them both. He aims at Jack with his long gun, but Angelica catches his eye from her ship, and he takes aim at Baldassaro instead.

Jules (under his breath): “For Port au Prince.” He puts a lead ball square in Baldassaro’s forehead.

Jack, realizing what happened when the Cardinal begins to teeter with a bullet-hole in his head, quickly yanks off the cassock before Baldassaro falls backward into the dark hold of his ship. Bonny summons the wind under the cassock, dragging it and Jack into the sky. As he is flung like a kite over the battle, he sees the White Whale, freed from Baldassaro’s control, crushing the French ships one by one. As Baldassaro’s flagship sinks, the Whale turns toward Bonny in The Black Pearl.

Jack (scrambling to hold fast to the flying cassock and grasp at the gemstone): “No, no, not the Pearl!” He finally gets hold of the gemstone and, looking down at the White Whale, says: “Be free!”

The Whale groans loudly and turns from attacking Bonny. Happy that he’s saved his ship, Jack gets careless and slips loose of the flying cassock, plummeting into the sea. Rachel Wall calls out in fear, turning the Cat’s Tail to retrieve him from the raging waters. After several tense seconds, he emerges (with a flourish of theme music), standing erect on the back of the White Whale, which rolls beside Wall’s ship, flinging Jack on deck.

As Bonny focuses on blowing the fluttering cassock to her ship, Jack and company flee the scene in the Coal Bucket and Cat’s Tail. As they make distance, Bonny manages to loft the cloak into her hands. She grasps the pearl, and Neptune appears before her in human form, weary and rueful. Bonny’s crew are visibly cowed.

Bonny: “You old fool! You murderer! Now you will pay for your betrayal!”

Neptune: “Halcyone, you arrogant little girl. You may hold my power in your hand, but Sparrow has freed my spirit, and my rage is released into the world.” He gestures across the water at the back of the White Whale as it swims toward the open sea. “It is time for me to pass over. And you should follow.”

As he fades, looking relieved, Bonny screams: “No! I will have my revenge!”

Captain Jules steps forward timidly. “He is gone, and Baldassaro is gone. We’ve won, Admiral. You have won.”

Anne (fuming and shaking): “Jack Sparrow stole my vengeance from me.” She looks to the east, where a single star is shining on the darkening horizon. She holds out the pearl, as if in offering. “My love, I swore to you that I would avenge your murder on that traitor, Neptune. His power is now mine.” The winds whip wildly at the sails of the Pearl, and the waters churn around them with mermaids now under Anne’s command. “I am the seas and the skies! And, I will have my vengeance on all who call this world their home!”

CUT: As the storm in the distance whirls about a triumphant Halcyone, the White Whale, pushing a broad wake, heads out into the Pacific past the Cat’s Tail and Coal Bucket.

Gibbs: “Well, that’s the end of half our trouble.”

Jack: “And, with Anne holding Neptune’s power, the doubling of the rest of it.”

Bill: “With the pump in tip-top shape, we should be able to stay well ahead of her.”

Mary (looking into the sky): “But when she turns these winds and seas against us, we’ll have to tow Captain Wall.”

Gibbs (glancing back and forth between the Cat’s Tail and Jack): “I’ll ready the cables.”



THE STAKES ARE RAISED. Anne, Angelica, and Jules stand on the deck of the Pearl, winds blowing from the fore. Anne announces that her crew must take a “blood oath” to her.

Man 1: “Admiral … what do you mean by ‘blood oath,’ mum?”

Anne (grinning cruelly and holding two fingers in the air): “Snip, snip!” [SETTING, evoking the running joke Jack had about Will being a eunuch]

Angelica: “Admiral, these headwinds and currents…”

Anne (rubbing the gem now strung around her neck): “I’m pulling those traitors back to us.”

Jules: “But, Admiral, the same winds are keeping us from giving chase, despite our tacking. Even your mermaids can’t swim against the stream.”

Anne (eyes going blue and the winds whipping up around her): “You will not question my rule, Commodore!” [CHARACTER]

Angelica: “But, Anne, the winds…”

Anne lunges, pulling Blackbeard’s sword (which, as we learned in Cat o’ Nine Tails, contains a piece of Halcyone’s power) from Angelica’s belt. “Then, I’ll need all of my power to bring those mutineers back to me. Back to your ships and ready the men for their blood oath!”


CUT: Passing out of the storm that surrounds Bonny, Jack and crew stop here and there as they cross the Indian ocean, recruiting pirates, who are eager to help now that there is a clear threat. News of Baldassaro’s demise is met with glee, but news of Bonny’s rise strikes them with fear and determination.

Mary: “We need to rally this bunch somewhere, create some sort of fleet.”

Gibbs (to Jack): “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Jack: “There’s only one proper place for a pirate fleet to muster. The Caribbean. Take us home, Mr. Gibbs.”


CONFRONTATION: Jules and Angelica fake the blood oath on their own (visibly grateful) crew as Bonny administers it on the Pearl and her other ships. Hearing from captured ships the rumors of a pirate fleet gathering against her, Anne heads for the Caribbean and begins summoning a massive hurricane near Guadaloupe, which she intends to sweep clean the Caribbean of all pirates. (This is loosely based on the Great Hurricane of 1780.) Jules and Angelica have finally had enough, and sneak away as Bonny churns up the storm.

During the storm sequence, Jack and Bill are able to save the steam ship from being crushed against rocks, but the Cat’s Tail sinks twice, further eating away at her nine lives. The winds and waves are also churning with mermaids, who drag ships into the depths. Finally, Anne is exhausted from her rage, and satisfied that she must have destroyed the pirate fleet and drowned those who betrayed her. She orders her horrified crew, now mottled with patches of white, to sail for the Mediterranean.



DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL. Angelica and Jules meet with Jack, Rachel, Bill, and Mary after surveying the destruction of the Antilles. Under parlay on a stone platform in a ruined port, they share stories of devastation from around the Caribbean. Tens of thousands are estimated dead, and bodies litter the land and sea. Whole port cities are nearly wiped out. During the conference, Pintel and Ragetti show up with their crews, to throw their lot in with Jack. Will Turner also arrives to ask Rachel’s help in ferrying so many souls to the other side.

Rachel: “Considering that I got the Cat’s Tail debt-free once you took over from Davy Jones, it’s the least I can do now that I’ve run out her nine lives.”

Will (to Rachel and Jack): “This is only the beginning. Halcyone’s grievance knows no limit. She lost her life’s dream in Ceyx, her balance. Mourning a true love, she’ll destroy the world and never be satisfied.”

Jack (aside to Gibbs): “And to think, she promised me immortality.”

Rachel: “At a price.” Jack nods and grins sardonically.

Will: “She never had it to promise. Even Halcyone has to live by the laws of the world. Nobody can put off death indefinitely, Jack.”

Jack (wheels turning in his head): “Nobody? But, what about no thing?” He nods toward the Cat’s Tail.

Will: “What are you getting at?”

Jack: “We need a way to get inside her guard, and I think I know how.”



THE FORCES GATHER.The pirate fleet sails past the Rock of Gibraltar with Bill’s steam ship at the vanguard. Gibbs is at the bow, overseeing a sailor who is suspended over the side with a paint bucket. Jack steps forward to see what’s going on.

Gibbs: “We felt the ship needed a more respectful name, given its place in the fleet.”

Jack looks over the gunnel and reads: Freedom’s Price.

The square-rigged pirate fleet is soon joined by the lateen-rigged ships of Barbary corsairs. We see the top masts of the entire fleet, flying not only pirate flags and Jules’s “Haitian” flag, but from several nations as well, including the “Betsy Ross” version of the Stars and Stripes.

Rachel shouts across the water to get Jack’s attention: “We’re beating hard to windward, love! If she is where we think she is, Anne must be pushing the winds to keep the world out!”


CUT: Anne’s fleet is anchored off Lembia, the island we saw early on in The Eye of the Wind. The sea is utterly still, the air cloudless and blue, but on the horizon in all directions we can see angry storm clouds roiling as if the island is in the eye of a hurricane. Anne’s white-mottled crew are gathered around the boats on shore, casting nervous and confused glances at each other. As we approach the cairn of white stones, Anne is on her knees, weeping uncontrollably.



CUT: In a rough gale, Jack stands at the helm beside Gibbs, with Rachel on the Cat’s Tail visible over the gunnel.

Jack (noticing that many of the ships are falling behind): “Mr. Gibbs, this might not work as planned.” Then, shouting to Rachel: “If this keeps up, we’ll pull the Cat’s Tail behind us again!”

Bill (watching as even more ships fall behind): “I’ll have the men get the cables ready.” He nods to Mary and they both step away.

Gibbs looks astern to see the ships of Jules, Angelica, Pintel, and Ragetti reeling in the distance.


CUT: At night on Lembia, Anne’s crew approach her cautiously. Their skin is almost completely white now. Anne is quiet, sitting on the ground, leaning forward on her hands and breathing slowly. Even the grass around her is becoming whitened.

Man 1 (whispering): “Admiral?” Anne does not respond.

Man 2: “Admiral, the men are hungry. We need to return to the Pearl.”

Anne (sitting up): “The men…”

Man 1: “Yes, mum. Hungry and thirsty.”

Anne (glaring over her shoulder): “You’re not men.” A dark cloud descends on the two crewmen like a snake of mist, knocking them to the ground and dragging them across the rocks toward the beach. They are lifted into the sky as their horrified mates look on.


CUT: Freedom’s Price chugs along in a heavy storm, towing the Cat’s Tail. All of the other ships are gone.

Jack: “Need more sail!” Shakes his head. “Need more steam!”

Bill (climbing a ladder from below): “The coal’s gone! The headwind’s eaten up all of our fuel!”

Jack (muttering to himself): “Some freedom from the winds this is. We’re slaves to the oven now.” [THEME] “Burn whatever we have in the hold!”

Mary (over Bill’s shoulder): “We already have been.”

The ship shudders, the smoke from below petering out. Jack, Bill, and Mary begin looking back at the Cat’s Tail, which is rocking violently in the wind at the end of the cables towing it.

Jack: “So, we’ll never reach her. And we can’t run from her storms forever.”

Gibbs: “This is the end of it all… life, freedom…”

Bill: “No, you’re right, but…” He looks at Mary. “True freedom isn’t in a sail or a steam pump.” Jack glances back at Rachel again, thinking.

Gibbs: “Captain!”

Jack: “Not now, Mr. Gibbs.”

Gibbs (pointing and tugging Sparrow’s sleeve): “Jack!” Everyone looks over the bow at the clouds that are beginning to roll ominously ahead of them. As the weird disturbance passes over them, the wind comes still, then begins blowing from behind the ships, pushing them forward. Green ropes fly over the gunnels, wrapping around and through the scuppers to tie off. Mermaids begin towing them forward.

Mary (to Bill and Jack): “She knows we’re here!”

Jack: “And, she still needs her revenge. Bring us in, beastie.”



THE BATTLE ROYAL. Anne stands on the deck of the Pearl, her fleet around her, the island of Lembia behind her. The skies and seas look like milk except for a wall of dark, roiling cloud on the horizon. The Cat’s Tail is pulled through the wall first, followed by Freedom’s Price.

Anne (eyes blued over): “Look boys! It’s the Cat’s Tail, all out of lives!” Her bleached sailors laugh mechanically. “And, Jack Sparrow, all out of tricks.”

As the mermaids arrange the two ships side by side, Jules and Angelica’s ship is drawn through the cloud wall. The mermaids drag it beside the others, the Pearl and the Freedom, so that the Cat’s Tail is in the middle.

Jack (at the bow, shouting across to Anne): “Divorce is always a rough process. Perhaps we can talk things over, come to a mutually agreeable settlem—”

Jack is cut short as winds pick him, Bill, and Mary into the air, carrying them across the open water and dumping them violently onto the deck of Anne’s ship.

Anne (to Jack): “I’ve turned the wind, and the rest of your little fleet is on its way, Jack. I want you to see them crushed before I send you on your way.”

Jack (standing): “Actually, isn’t it you who should be on your way?”

Mary: “The days of the old gods are passed, Halcyone.”

Anne (looking at Bill and Mary, but talking to Jack): “And, I’ll start with these two mutineers.”

Jack (stepping quickly between them and Anne): “First! First, let me say farewell?”

Anne (to her men): “Keep your guns on these two.” She shrugs at Jack.

Jack tips his hat to Bill: “It was a clever idea, but that steam pump ship thing will never catch on, mate.”

He turns to Mary, nodding over his shoulder at Anne: “Ex-wives, huh?” Mary smiles ruefully.

He sets over to the helm of the Black Pearl, glances once across the water toward the Cat’s Tail, then gets serious as he caresses the Pearl‘s wheel: “I’m so sorry, girl. Farewell.”

Jack turns to the three ships held side-by-side, vigorously waves his hat, and yells: “FAREWELL, SHIPMATES!”

At Jack’s signal, Rachel shouts, “Roll ’em out! Guns ALL!” Gibbs and Jules repeat the order, and the crews of the three ships lift the gun-ports to roll out the cannon. Anne is surprised, but laughs.

Anne: “Your little trick with the guns won’t work this time, Jack. I’ve let my mermaids know how you think.”

Jack: “You think you know how I think? That was your first mistake, darling.”

Back on the Cat’s Tail, Rachel shouts: “Wedge ’em up! Aim at the waterlines!” The crew begin lifting the rear of the cannons so that they aim downward.

Suspicious, Anne runs to the gunnel of her ship, confirms what’s happening. She turns to Jack: “You wouldn’t.”

Jack: “I’m Captain Jack Sparrow, love. Wouldn’t isn’t in my vocabulary.”

Rachel gives the order to fire, and all three ships fire on each other. Hidden by the gun smoke, the crews led by Gibbs and Jules swing across to the Cat’s Tail. All three ships begin to sink, despite Anne’s desperate effort to lift them with roiling waters and her mermaids.

Anne (raging, hair flying in the chaotic winds about her): “Jack Sparrow, you will not steal my vengeance! Not again!”

As Anne is distracted by her efforts to keep the ships afloat, Bill and Mary break free and begin fighting her crew. The three ships quickly sink below the waves, Anne turns, draws the sword she took from Angelica, and attacks Jack with it. As they fight, the rest of the pirate fleet sail in through the wall of cloud and immediately set to firing on Anne’s ships.

As they cross swords, Jack notices that Anne’s hand is shaking in her rage. She is shaking all over. He looks past her shoulder and sees that the shaking in her body is echoed by an earthquake on Lembia. Anne turns to follow Jack’s line of sight, and sees the stones of the cairn tumbling and rolling away in the tremor. She shouts “NO!” just as Jack cuts the gem from around her neck with a quick sweep of his sword. The quake stops and the waters immediately begin to return to their natural blue.

He scoops the gem up from the deck, looks anxiously over the gunnel, and yells to Bill and Mary: “Now!” They all dive overboard, and the Cat’s Tail bursts upward through the Pearl, shattering the ship into pieces and flinging Anne into the waters. Jack, Bill, and Mary scramble onto ladders alongside the Cat’s Tail, Sparrow turning to whisper while holding the gem: “It’s time for her to go.”

Underwater, Anne is struggling to swim to the surface, but the mermaids surround her, grabbing her limbs. One of them looks into her panicked face and shakes her head. Through the murky water, the Flying Dutchman appears. Standing on the deck is Will Turner and a very handsome man surrounded by a slight halo: Halcyone’s fallen love, Ceyx, reaching out to her. Our last image of Anne is her weeping with joy and accepting her death and reunion with her lover.

Above water, Anne’s former sailors collapse, their skins fading back to their natural color. The wall of cloud swirling around Lembia dissipates, and the winds and seas settle. Whooping and cheering break out among the pirates.

Rachel: “Jack, I know you loved that ship.”

Jack (shrugs): “I used to think that the Pearl was freedom. But freedom is something you feel, not something you sail. Besides…” He puts his hand on the wheel of the Cat’s Tail beside hers. “This ship’s the closest to immortality I’m going to see, thanks to Captain Turner.”


CUT: The stone courtyard at Port Royal, Will Turner standing beside Gibbs, Bill Thicke, and Jules, all of them dressed to the nines. Separated from them by a small gap is Mary, Angelica, and Elizabeth Turner. Standing behind the gap is a priest wearing robes very similar to those Jack wore in Port au Prince.

Will (to Gibbs): “He’s late.”

Mary (looking to the rear of the assembled crowd, to Cotton who is shaking his head): “So is she.”

Suddenly, Jack appears, somewhat cleaned up, a bright blue feather in his hat. He takes his place beside Will, who asks: “Do you have the ring?” Jack looks at the rings on both hands, selects one, slips it off and hands it to an unimpressed Will.

Jack (to the priest): “Nice outfit!”

A string quartet plays, and Rachel Wall appears in an elaborate blue and white dress. She marches down the aisle as Gibbs, Mary, and Angelica tear up. Elizabeth catches Will’s eye and mouths: “I can’t believe this is happening.” He grins and shrugs.

As Rachel and Jack take each other’s hands, the priest recites the standard vows, but to both at once: “Do you, Rachel Wall, and you, Jack Sparrow…”

Rachel and Jack, together: “Captain!”

Priest: “Do you, Captain Rachel Wall and Captain Jack Sparrow, take each other in lawful matrimony…” Jack and Rachel mouth the word ‘lawful’ quizzically.

Priest: “… to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer…” Again, they look at each other with doubt.

Priest: “…in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death you do part…” The two grimace at the mention of death.

Priest: “…according to God’s holy ordinance; and thereto plight your troth to each other?”

Rachel and Jack look into each other’s eyes, glance out to the Cat’s Tail at anchor, then grin at each other. Together, they turn to the priest and say: “Perhaps later?”

As they race for the wall (rebuilt since the earthquake in The Eye of the Wind) Will calls out to Jack: “What about the ring?”

Jack (over his shoulder): “Keep it!” The two of them step onto the wall, Rachel rips open her dress, and they leap.

Elizabeth whispers: “So romantic!” Angelica beams in agreement, but Mary just shakes her head.

Will turns to Gibbs, offers him Jack’s ring. Gibbs does one of his signature head tilts, takes it, slips it on, and holds it out admiringly.

Jules (standing at the wall with Bill Thicke, watching Jack and Rachel swim for the Cat’s Tail): “I guess Captain Jack wasn’t ready to commit.”

Bill (disagreeing): “No, they’re pirates. Once, I wouldn’t have gotten it, but now I do.”

Jules: “Ah, yes! This is their troth. Freedom to rove together.”

Bill: “Yes, freedom to.” They are joined at the wall by Will, Elizabeth, Mary, and Angelica.

Jack and Rachel climb about the Cat’s Tail, step up to the helm together and put their hands on the wheel.

Rachel: “Can a ship suffer two captains?”

Jack: “In my experience, a ship can rarely suffer one.”

Rachel: “Then we’ll let the sea be our captain, and we’ll follow its lead.”

Jack: “Together.”

Rachel: “Together.” They look at each other a moment, then glare angrily at the crew, who are taken aback at this sudden hostility.

Jack: “Well?!”

Rachel: “What are you standing around for, you louts?!”

Jack: “Get moving!”

Crewman (sheepishly): “Orders, captains?”

Rachel (slowly losing her scowl): “A double-ration of rum to every last scalawag on this worm-eaten crate!”

Realizing they’ve been had, the crew laugh, then cheer.

And, with that, they sail off to the horizon.


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