The Ends of the World

This is the home page for The Ends of the World, a spiritual fantasy about a young, over-educated, under-employed professional from modern America who finds himself in a purgatory of pirates and sailing ships, where there is no aging and no disease. Only violence can send one off into the combined Heaven-and-Hell of our final reward.

Yet, to the skeptical mind of John Randolph, the rules of the afterlife prove to have nagging inconsistencies. What’s really going on?

Chapter 1 – John Randolph dies while staring at his new shoes in a crosswalk and awakens confused and conscripted on a tropical beach. [2020 words]

Chapter 2 – John makes friends with the centuries-old Juan de la Hoz and agrees to help a yellow-bearded pirate lord improve his guns. [2060 words]

Chapter 3 – John realizes something is very wrong with the World Facing and that his captain isn’t being completely honest with him. [2240 words]

Chapter 4 – John meets Bob the Hippie, and maneuvers Captain Yellowbeard into an uneasy partnership. [2040 words]

Chapter 5 – Juan de la Hoz suffers the consequences of John’s incessant questioning. [2660 words]

Chapter 6 – John is brought into New Nassau as a prisoner, but he finds a new ally. [2630 words]

Chapter 7 – Imprisoned by Yellowbeard in an ancient hotel, John is visited by a talking raven who offers him a new path. [2170 words]

Chapter 8 – John makes a run for it, but can he escape Danny, one of Yellowbeard’s fiercest deputies? [2590 words]

Chapter 9 – John flees to a monastery with his two animals companions. But, when he gets there, who is waiting for him? [2400 words]

Chapter 10 – John shoves a cutlass into Bob and finds himself answering to the abbot of a wilderness monastery. [2530 words]

Chapter 11 – John meets Yellowbeard and Várion again. How will he escape their grasp? [2480 words]

Chapter 12 – John, Sirhan, and Kinsey find a camp of escaped slaves. Will they make new allies, or new enemies? [2140 words]

Chapter 13 – John is confronted with his naked reality. Several escaped slaves appear from the forest to join him. [2260 words]

Chapter 14 – John and his new allies are confronted by the abbot, who is leading Yellowbeard’s men to drag them back to the slave plantations. [2140 words]

Chapter 15 – John and his allies are taken to the slave plantation of Casa Relajada and Señor Abarca-Abaroa. [2540 words]