Say what you like about Country & Western music, it has a broad appeal. It’s hard not to be impressed by Keith Urban’s guitar stylings, or the Everyman wisdom of Darius Rucker.

Having grown up in West Virginia surrounded by C&W, I couldn’t bring myself to record a straight country tune, instead mixing it with a decidedly non-C&W beat+bassline and emphasizing the genre’s typical wordplay almost to the point of parody.

Even so, you know what they say about imitation. Hope you enjoy Maybe.

well, it may be that we were better off together,
__and it may be that we’d have been better off never meeting at all.
and it may be that your new love is treating you better,
__and it may be that you don’t love him
____and you’re just with him so you’re not alone.

well, i don’t care what may be; all i care is what is.
you’re my only baby; it’s for you that i live.
all these possibilities are racking my brain,
__but i still keep thinking ’bout you at the end of the day.
you’re my baby, and that ain’t no maybe.

well, it may be that some other woman’s kisses are sweeter,
__and it may be some other matches better to my astrological chart,
and it may be that while i’m pining for you that i’ll never meet her,
__but it may be this other woman’s
____just another who’ll be breaking my heart.

here we go, break it down, country-style!

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