Mist (Hard Version)

This is an alternative reading; the standard reading is in a more “proper” order, artistically.

pale green of the grasses filters through the mist
the mist on the mountains, rising through the soft warm air
find a piece of your heart lying cold in a stone gray field
and ask yourself “how long was it lying there?”

a whispered prayer beneath the trees
the rocks cut sharp against your knees
you pray forgiveness for the sins you never knew
lost inside the shame you feel
while winter birds crowd in to steal
lapping up the blood that’s pooled among the stones

farmer lifts his head up looks into the bursting sky
catch a drop of the long-sought rain in his earthy eye, can you hear him cry?
“why did the gods of fate spare this land,
keep it free from the mill of Time only to crush it in their hands
bury it beneath the desert sands?”

the team sinks into shore, heave dragging out their rotted seine
muscle-torn and weary, but then it’s all in vain; there’ll be no draw today
grandfathers fathers sons all toil the sea
after a thousand years of plenty now there’s nothing here to eat
nothing but the sand upon their feet

will You burn the world like You did my desire?
i need someone to love me, i need someone to help me fight the dark
i need a town of friends who understand
how Time in his infinite grinding pauses
He pauses to blow mist into my eyes

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