To Make You Free

when it’s too much to sacrifice
when it’s too much to just play nice
__if you just need to be real, that’d be fine by me
and if you need to voice a doubt
and if you fear, just let it out
__and if you cry in your sleep, that’d be fine by me

__but just know this:
if you want to break out and take out the fear in you
if you want to shake off the blues
__just make your mind up to and break up the way you do
because there’s nowhere to line up and sign up for words to soothe
but if you make your mind up
__you’re going to find that the truth is telling you

nothing else is going to make you free
no one else can put your mind at ease
nothing else and no one but you can free your own mind

one day you break down and can’t go on
the next day you can take on the world alone
__one day you may look in the mirror and find you’re free
and if you steal the light of dawn
or if you’re crushed by the slightest wrong
__in the ups and the downs, if you breathe, you could find you’re free

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