This is my rock remake of Bob Marley’s So Much Trouble In The World.  The primary musical comment is the more complex chord structure, which I feel increases the tension.

To be frank, I would love to head up a band whose only purpose was to remake reggae songs (particularly Marley’s) as true rock, not skaa, remakes.  This is my tribute to that vision.

bless my eyes this morning: the sun is on the rise once again.
the way earthly things are going, anything could happen.

you see men sailing on their ego trips,
blast off like a space ship: a million miles from reality.
they don’t care for you, don’t care for me.

there is so much trouble in the world.

__all you gotta do is give a little, take a little.

__so you think you’ve found a solution, but it’s just another illusion.
__so, before you check out this time,
__don’t leave another cornerstone standing there behind.

we’ve got to face the day, come what may.
we, the street people talking: we’re the people struggling.

now they’re sitting on the time bomb; now i know the time has come,
because what goes up must come down, what goes around it comes around.

there is so much trouble in the world.


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