That Key Love

[18 Sep 2011]

“i want to know you”
whispers to the single door
_ protecting your within from my without
_ a kiss into the vacuum
never turn that key, love

instead — under the door
_ i slip sweet compliments and sweeter warnings
_ _ vulture’s quill dipped into histories of blood
_ _ calligraphy upon suspicious sheets
_ _ stretched, dried — the skins of martyrs

i love you all despite that you are nothing
_ and i nothing
_ _ nothing sporting borrowed claws that shred green counties
_ _ eyes that stare a desiccating light
_ _ feet that crush the traveled world
_ _ and lungs that burn and suffer in their fractioned breath
_ _ _ so hello might not blast the world clean of good mornings

millions press their lips against that key
_ tongues turn and open to the No
_ a landscape soft as flesh and half as dead
_ one distant light that swells to burst the chest
_ some few surrender ribs and flex toes into rot
_ _ some few
never turn that key, love


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