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Short fiction available for free:

The Guy Who Could Take a Punch” – Flash fiction

At-HomeAt Home” [featured on 26 September 2013] Historical fiction
“I don’t remember when the Japanese came to Wotúru. I was little, six or seven I guess. I do remember when the Americans came.”


BobbyTuckBobby Tuck” [written/featured on 26 November 2013] Modern realist
Ever wonder what to call that thing you do to the back of a loosely fitting knit cap to make it fit better?


PreemptionPreemption” [featured on 05 February 2011] Modern realist
What stands between the “meet-cute” and happily ever after?


Sweet-BriarSweet Briar” [featured on 17 September 2013] Expressionist
“She had been so brilliant. Her eyes would glisten like onyx buttons in a bread-brown face.”


To-Every-ThingTo Every Thing” [featured on 15 January 2011] Southern
To settle a dispute between Big Henry and Little Henry, Chip seeks out the mysterious Old Duck.


TheWingsOfButterfliesThe Wings of Butterflies” [featured on 18 June 2011] Paranormal
When a little girl claims an invisible “angel farmer” called the Hoffer Man is teaching her to make a flying cloak from dead butterflies, should her mother worry?

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  1. I reread several of your stories today. They’re so diverse I found it hard to pin down why they still sound like the same author, but I feel that it’s the common theme of misperception or the fallibility of human perception. There is some form of failed connection or communication in every story. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes sad, but always central to what’s going on.

    Why are you not submitting these for publication, or are you?

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